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Moderator Training Session EVO18

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Moderator Training Session: Oct. 22 - Nov. 19, 2017







Mission of the Electronic Village Online


The goal of the Electronic Village Online (EVO) is to provide free online professional development in a collaborative setting to teachers of English as a second or foreign language. It was created in 2000 as a Special Project by the Computer-Assisted Language Learning Interest Section (CALL-IS) of TESOL and is represented on the Steering Committee of the CALL-IS. True to its beginnings, EVO maintains its volunteer and non-commercial nature, prohibiting advertising and commercial sponsorship. EVO recognizes the contributions of and collaboration with organizations of similar intent, and welcomes and encourages participation and contributions of the IATEFL special interest groups, TESOL and IATEFL affiliates, and other organizations with similar constructive, non-commercial purposes. EVO is open to all participants interested in professional development or groups/teams willing to offer a session, regardless of their affiliation to TESOL, IATEFL or other, whether TESOL or IATEFL members or not. 


Welcome to the EVO 2018 Moderator Training Session



On behalf of the entire EVO Coordination Team, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our moderators--both those who are new this year and those who are returning, having offered a session once or many times in previous years. We have moderators this year from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, and Venezuela in South America; Canada, Mexico and the United States in North America; India, Nepal, Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore in Asia; Egypt and Morocco in North Africa; Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Romania, Serbia, Spain, and the UK in Europe; Australia; and Turkey, and United Arab Emirates, straddling Europe and Asia. We on the Coordination Team look forward to learning together with you and to preparing an amazing lineup of sessions for EVO2018!

Mbarek Akaddar, Lead Coordinator for EVO2018



The Training Session: Oct 22 - Nov 19, 2017


This 4-week training session is designed to prepare you for the best possible experience with online learning and moderating during our five-week session, January 8 - February 11, 2018. Even if you have run an online course before, you will need to adapt to the unique, all-voluntary nature of EVO. Moreover, your active participation in this guided but self-paced training session will help you prepare the website(s) and online materials for your session.  The time you put in to the training session will vary greatly from person to person, but should not be overwhelming for anyone.


  • For descriptions of sessions from 2001-2016, see http://evosessions.pbworks.com/EVO+Previous+Sessions
            (Remember that sessions from earlier years may not all be in continuing existence. Also, many of these sessions were longer than those for 2018.)
  • To begin, click on the link in the SideBar on the right to access the different parts of the session. We suggest you start with a look at the syllabus; if you are here prior to October 16, we suggest that you get a head start with the Pre-Training tasks. This will decrease the time you will need to spend during Week 1.


  • Please contact any member of the Coordination Team (see below) if you have any difficulties accessing this wiki or our Google Plus Community.

Session Dates





The EVO2018 Coordination Team





































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