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Post-training-EVO19 (redirected from Post-training-EVO18)

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The Moderator Post-Training Survey is open. Please complete it to help us improve the training for next year!



We are at the wrap-up point in our course, BUT the EVO2018 Moderators Google+ Community will stay active during the time period leading up to--and through--the EVO sessions, so feel free to write to us with questions or comments as you work through your own sessions. Be sure to stay in touch with your mentor(s), who will be a part of your group in Jan-Feb also.


The Call for Participation goes out in mid-December. 


Important Dates:




Tasks for the period between now and December 1st:


1. Complete your expanded syllabus, taking into account the advice of your mentor and colleagues in the EVO_Moderators G+C. Be sure to link your session page and main platform(s) from the 2018 proposals wiki Sessions 2018. Your session cannot be included in our Call for Participation if we can't link to your session page from there!

2. Visit or revisit the EVO session LMS spaces of at least two other sessions. Post impressions and comments in our Moderators' G+C . The addresses to all groups and documents for the EVO sessions should be active in Sessions 2018


3. Be sure to stay in touch with your mentor. In fact, we hope that you will communicate regularly with the Coordination Team as you finish sprucing up your EVO session online space(s). Don't be afraid to ask questions. The G+C will be open, and we are all ready to help. When in doubt, ASK. There are no dumb questions!

4. It's time to give back:  We'd appreciate your comments as we prepare for next year. By December 1st, please take the Post-Training Survey so that we can find out about your experience with this online training group.  


Other stuff you can do


1. Check out the recommended readings below:



2. Make a hashtag and use Twitter to connect with your participants. Directions and video tutorials linked from our Other Stuff page (See here).



What about certificates?


     If you plan to offer badges or a certificate of participation, make sure to determine the criteria for earning one and make this very clear on your website before the registration period begins on January 8-14 . See Certificates and Badges for more information.



  TESOL's Electronic Village Online (EVO) is a project of TESOL's CALL Interest Section


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