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Yahoo Help Files written by the EVO TEAM

with notes and advice specific to the settings we recommend for the EVO environment


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  • Settings in YG NEO - how to set the features of YG to your best advantage in an EVO session
      • Also includes settings for the old YG interface






  • Database in YG








  • Email Options




  • Bouncing Members




  • Pretty fonts in YG - a little basic HTML to make your YG front page look much more professional and inviting




Other Useful Links


Yahoo! Groups Help FAQs - link to the official YG Help files for the NEO version


OTHER GROUPS: Yahoo! Groups-Google+Communities etc. - information about other possible homes for your EVO session, collected from discussions among EVO Moderators of previous years.  If you want to use Moodle, it has many nice features, but you'll have to work harder to keep your session together as a community--it was designed for courses, not informal groups.


  EVO is a project of TESOL's CALL IS

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Nina Liakos said

at 11:26 pm on Aug 31, 2013

Yahoo has changed YGs' format to the new NEO format. They are receiving a lot of negative feedback about it and are responding as best they can, promising to fix glitches and bugs and restore lost functionality. There are likely to be multiple changes over the next few months. Our tutorials may not be able to keep pace.

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