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Benchmarks Checklist

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You are viewing an EVO Moderator Training page deriving from an earlier session. 

To view the current session pages, please browse using the sidebar.




We've created this document to help you keep track of everything that needs to be done during the EVO training session.


You might want to print this page to fill in as you complete the different tasks for each week of the training.







  I have . . . Yes No
1. read the article, How EVO Differs    
2. filled in the Needs Assessment Survey    
3. joined the EVO Moderators' Google+ Community    
4. checked the EVO sessions and who my mentor is      




Week 1



  I have . . . Yes No
1. Completed the pre-training tasks    
2 introduced myself to the group     
3. reflected upon the reading and shared my reflections with the other moderators in our Moderators' Google + Community    
4. Participated in a live chat or listened to the recording    



Week 2


  I have . . . Yes No
1.  refined my session syllabus following the suggestions provided.    
2. made the corresponding changes to my syllabus in the proposals wiki    
2. selected the online spaces to be used in my sessions, and posted the links on our page in the proposals wiki    
3. commented on my choices in the G+C    
4. invited my mentor to participate in my online spaces with moderator status    

reflected about  aspects and potential problems of online moderation and posted my reflections in the Moderators YG 

6. commented on  others’ reflections in the G+C    
7.  joined a Chat for Week 2 or listened to the recording    



Week 3



  I have . . . Yes No
1. edited and uploaded my expanded syllabus and online spaces to the proposals wiki    
2.  started adding content to my online spaces    
3. gone on a tools web tour to select the ones I will use to aggregate my session resources    
4. reflected on different aspects and potential problems of online moderation     
5.  shared my reflections in the Moderators G+C    
6. commented on  others’ reflections in the G+C    
7. participated in a live session to discuss the content of this week     



Week 4



  I have . . . Yes No
1. completed my syllabus in the proposals wiki    
2. posted the links to my session online spaces and otherwise filled in the table at Sessions2017    
3. visited others´ sessions    
4. given feedback to other moderators on their sessions online spaces    
5. reflected on my own session     
6. continued to read,  think, and share about online moderation    
7. completed the training evaluation survey    
8. participated in or listened to the session wrap-up chat    
9. indicated clearly on my session page and content platform whether or not certificates of participation will be awarded, and if so, what the criteria for earning a certificate are    




  I have . . . Yes No
1. completed my extended syllabus and online spaces and checked the links.    
2. joined several additional sessions and commented on them in EVO_Moderators    

completed the training Evaluation Survey

5. figured out how to use the Webheads Calendar to book a the Bb Collaborate room from LearningTimes
6. continued to work on my session content    
7. been staying in touch with my mentor and EVO_Moderators G+C    




December 1st - Sessions ready - Call For Participation

Your session can not be included in the Call unless it is complete and you have completed the table at Sessions2017 by December 1.






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created by Chris Jones, 7/29/2015 

last updated by Dafne Gonzalez, 5 october 2013


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