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Calendar in YG

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Using the Calendar Feature of Yahoo! Groups







Creating EVENTS



The Calendar in YG is especially useful for its reminder feature since you can send out notices of online meetings automatically.


The Calendar also has a place to locate tasks, which may be an important function if your session is broken into groups. Be sure to set the Calendar in Management so that members can use it. (See the file Settings in YG.)


The Calendar is very easy to use. Sign in to your Yahoo! Group and click on Calendar in the left sidebar of your frontpage (see Figure 1.)


Figure 1. Link to the Calendar on the frontpage sidebar.


You can set the Calendar to Monthly or Weekly View as the default when someone enters the page using the Groups Calendar Options at the bottom right of the Calendar (see Fig. 2).


Figure 2. Monthly view in the Calendar


Using the Calendar:


1. To add an event, simply click on the Add button on the appropriate date (Figure 2.1.)

2. You can search for an event that has already been created  by typing the title in the Search Events box (Figure 2.2.)

3. You can set up a list of tasks by clicking the Add button next to Tasks (Figure 2.3.)

4. All of the functions of the calendar page are quickly accessed through the Tabs at the top (Figure 2.4.)



Once you have reached the Add Event page, select the appropriate options (Figure 3).



Reminders will send a message to your entire group. Be sure to leave more than 24 hours before an event because participants who receive a Daily Digest may not otherwise receive the message in time.


Be sure to click the Save button (top or bottom) before leaving the page.






At the bottom right corner of the Calendar page (see Figure 2 above), a link will take you to the place to set some of your Calendar Options (Figure 4a). When you reach this page (Figure 4b), select General Preferences.


  Figure 4a. Link to Calendar Options


Figure 4b. Select General Preferences




In your General Preferences, you can set the Default View to monthly, weekly, yearly, or tasks (see Figure 4c). For more on Tasks, see below.


Figure 4c. General Preferences page


Don't forget to Save your changes before you leave the page.



Using the TASKS Options


Tasks will appear as a list on the right side of your Calendar page as in Figure 2 above. To add a Task, click on the Add button in the Tasks list (see Figure 2.3). On the page that opens (see Figure 5a below), you can designate a task on a specific date.


Figure 5a. Edit Task page allows you to add to your list.


Once you click Update to save your task, it will appear in the list, as in Figure 5b below:


Figure 5b. The new Task appears in the list


You will still need to set a reminder to be sent to your group by clicking the Add button for the appropriate date, as described above.


Notification and reminders for calendar events


When you create an event on your group's calendar, everyone in your group will get a notification about it.

You can also set up to 2 reminders as a part of the event creation process, anywhere from 5 minutes to two weeks before the event begins.

Important: If a member’s messages are moderated, calendar reminders will not work for their events. If you're a moderator, you can fix this by changing their membership settings.



Note: Further information about the Calendar and other Web-only features of Yahoo! Groups can be found at the YG Help page. (This address may change without notice. If so, use the Yahoo search engine to find the specific answers you need.)



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