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You are viewing an EVO Moderator Training page deriving from an earlier session. 

To view the current session pages, please browse using the sidebar.

This page might be reverted to its 2016 state soon.

For the currently maintained EVO2018 Moderator Training taking place in 2017 please see




Week 4: Getting Ready to Go Live

(Nov. 13 - 19, 2017)


Discussion leaders: Ayat Tawel, Nina Liakos, and Carolina Rodriguez Buitrago






Objectives of the Week 


 By the end of week 4, you will have …


  • completed refining your session syllabus in the Proposals  wiki 
  • posted the links to your session online spaces to the Sessions2018 table.
  • visited others´ sessions
  • given feedback to other moderators on their sessions' online spaces
  • reflected upon your own session
  • continued to read,  think, and share about online moderation
  • completed a training evaluation survey
  • participated in the session wrap-up chat




Task 1: Posting Links 


This is the last week of the training. You can keep working on your online spaces after this week, but during this week it is crucial that  you link to the URLs of your session's online spaces (YG/Edmodo/LMS/Moodle/WiZIQ/Google+ Community) and complete your syllabus on your page of the Proposals wiki as linked to Sessions 2018.



Please invite your fellow moderators to join your online spaces by providing a link and password (if necessary).
Invite your mentor to join, too.



Note: Remember that your session can not be included in the Call for Participation unless it is complete and you have linked it from Sessions 2018. The CfP goes public in early December.


Task 2: Visiting other sessions 



During this week, you are invited to visit at least two other session spaces linked from Sessions2018 and add your comment to them. 


A.  Write up a short critique/analysis of one or more of these future sessions.  You might include:


    • How does the front page appeal to you? Any improvements you might suggest?
    • Is the syllabus easy to access?
    • Does the work seem manageable in a 5-week span (considering group members are volunteers and may be working full time), including time for introductions at the beginning and evaluation at the end?
    • Have moderator(s) provided for interactivity during the course? How? Are other advanced features incorporated that will encourage participation (i.e., chat, small group work, a virtual office or group meeting place, etc.)?
    • What kinds of LINKS are there? Are they all working? Will these be useful?
    • Generally, what's the best part? And what needs the most improvement in the coming weeks before sessions start?


B. Post your analysis to our 2018EVOModerators' G+C. in the category "Week 4 2018 Sessions."


Tag your post with that session's hashtag if there is one (or make one up! Remember to begin with #EVO so that clicking on it will not bring up things unrelated to EVO).



Task 3: Reflecting on your session 


A.  Since you will be receiving feedback, make sure to “reply”  to the comments from other moderators about your session.


B.  Share, in our Mods G+C*,  your thoughts on how your session has progressed so far. Things you might include--and these may help others or get you some needed advice:


• Your accomplishments in getting your session ready

• Your frustrations with setting up an LMS (wiki/Edmodo/Google+/Moodle/Schoology) or getting anything else 

• Any strengths and/or weaknesses of what you've prepared, but especially with reference to the criteria for interactive learning we have been discussing in the previous weeks

• Any questions the rest of the moderators and coordinators can help you with

(In the Sessions 2018 category)


* Subject line: session name our reflections  -  and include a hashtag


Old hands, especially, are invited to contribute to this discussion-We need your wisdom! 




Task 4: EVO Moderation 


  • Read these tips on moderating EVO sessions.  Any other tips to add to the list? Any questions you still might have in relation to the EVO Sessions?
  • Add your thoughts to our EVO Moderators group (Category: Week 4 Readings)



 Be sure to share any questions or concerns with your mentor(s).



Task 5: Live Events    

Join us live and help us wrap-up with

A celebration of EVO2018 moderator voices

on Sunday 13th November 2017 at 14:00 GMT


For details see the Week4live link in the Sidebar.


Where: http://learningtimesevents.org/webheads/, 

You will need a headset or headphones and microphone; test equipment at the Webheads site


Note: If you would like to schedule synchronous meetings during your session in the Learning Times Webheads' Virtual Room, you will need to sign up on the calendar, as per details in the SlideShare below.


If you wish to use the LearningTimes Bb Collaborate Webheads Virtual Office graciously provided for the past decade as a grant to Webheads in Action by the good folks at LearningTimes, 
http://learningtimes.com, view the following slides which show you how to

  • reserve the room,
  • enter the room as a session moderator,
  • record the session and make sure the recording is saved on the Elluminate servers,
  • and finally how to find the recording and extract its share link.



Task 6: EVO Training Survey    


We would really appreciate your feedback on the training. After the training session, please complete this survey to help us improve the session next year. Please complete the survey by December 1, 2017. <https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1mv-jvEqko1OcSy4n7ILBgRNn8u3nsYIP4U6sbwxdMD0/viewform#start=invite>







I have…..

completed my session syllabus in the EVO2018Proposals wiki.

• posted the links to my session online spaces Sessions2018 .

• visited others´ sessions.

• given feedback to other moderators on their

   sessions' online spaces.

• reflected upon my own session.

• continued to read,  think, and share about online


• completed the training evaluation survey.

• participated in or listened to the session wrap-up. 




Suggested Additional Reading 


Find out why traditional classroom lectures don't work as well in online learning:

 Instructional Strategies for Online Courses


Check out our Twitter tag #evosessions  


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