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Chat 1 at Elluminate (Blackboard/Collaborate


(10/27/2013) - 14:00 - 15:30 GMT 



Moderators: Vance Stevens & Elizabeth Anne




Coordination team members: Jose Antonio, Mbarek, Elizabeth HS, Aiden, and Holly


Mentors: Teresa, Rubena, and Claire


Moderators: Carol Rainbow, Dennis Newson, Helen Davies, Janet Bianchini, Nellie Deutsch, Liz England, Maisie Avihayil, Nate Rudolph, Jens Olsen, Daniela Cuccurullo, Pete Rutherford, Maricarmen Gamero, Evelyn Izquierdo, Maria Colussa, Doris Molero, Debbie Tebovich, Trevina Jefferson, Ali Fuad Selvi, Bedrettin Yazan, Daniela Munca-Aftenev, Dana Poklepovic, Shelly Terrell, Jim Buckingham, Susan Hillyard, Anne Hernandez, and Marisa Constantinides


Other Webheads: Dennis Oliver, Dan Bassill, David Weksler, Rob Perhamus, Morteza Barin and Magda Khalifa


Countries represented

UAE, Argentina, Greece, Cyprus, Venezuela, Korea, Israel, Japan, Denmark, Germany, Italy, and the US






long URLhttps://sas.elluminate.com/p.jnlp?psid=2013-10-27.0708.M.7AE801FFB697DA460D4BF25AA8C21B.vcr&sid=75


Learning2gether archive: http://learning2gether.net/2013/10/27/evo-moderator-training-week-1-wrapup-exploring-bb-collaborate-elluminate/ 


Text chat  (click on the link to read the text chat)



Comments about the sesión:

(I will copy here your comments about the sesión if you post them to the YG)


1. I learned (from watching the recorded video)  that webtours do not show in the recordings. Other participants to the live session mentioned that Webtours do not show on Ipads and that they cannot use the whiteboard.  (Daf)

There were quite a few interesting comments about lurking and lurkers:

I started as a lurker too il]

Lurking is also part of learning
First thing is learning to filter information

Interesting EVO-specific lexical items. What describes your experience most?? http://www.morewords.com/contains-by-length/evo/
I am a lurker in dozens of communities
Confidence in participating takes time, and practice.
Lurking is aomrtimes all we can do... sighs
I have always enjoyed listening about lurker a experience specially in the end of course Or later
Lurkers = Silent learners!

Lurking = Silent Period (/end Krashen) :)

lurking might be the first developmental step to participating
it should be non threatening
I think it´s important to say we felt we were all learning
all of us are by definition lurkers in some places are we not?
I need to get involved to get anything from a course.
Lurking = First step in legitmate peripheral participation??
I am becoming a professional lurker.. I miss interacting.. but lurking is a way to keep in touch
One day, when I grow up, I'll get an iPad! :-)


and a  demonstration by Joe who managed to transmit his ipad screen through the whiteboard (with no sound):

What was the reflector app?
I use Android too
Can you give quick description of difference between ap sharing and web tour?
Tony Vincent - 6 ways of mirroring your ipad

I'm using Android. It works perfectly

Entering the room on a mobile
Usually the URL is a unique one, I believe
people clicked via the hashtag on twitter
or send an email to yourself with the very long URL

i will be wrking in a project here in India in which we will provide ipad minis for the participants

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