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Text Chat - Live sesión - (Blackboard/Collaborate)


(session page)




Mbarek Akaddar [Morocco] : Welcome Vance and all :)
- Nellie Deutsch []
Maizie Avihayil [Israel] 2Hi Nellie
Janet Bianchini [Abruzzo] Hi Nellie
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil]Hi Nellie
- Joe Dale [Isle of Wight]
Janet Bianchini [Abruzzo] Lovely to see you
Nellie Deutsch []  My MAC gave me a hard time. There were so many downloads and approvals. :(
- Jens Olsen [Denmark]

Elizabeth (ElizA) [Grenoble] Yey Jo
Mbarek Akaddar [Morocco] 2Hi Nellie :)
Joe Dale [Isle of Wight]Hi everyone!
- Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]
Janet Bianchini [Abruzzo]  HI Joe
- teresadeca (portugal) []
Joe Dale [Isle of Wight]  Hi Janet
Jens Olsen [Denmark]  Hi from Jens in Denmark
Maizie Avihayil [Israel] 2 Hi Joe, Teresa
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento Hi Dears!
Nellie Deutsch [] Hello Everyone :)
- Pete Rutherford [Düsseldorf]
teresadeca (portugal) [  hi everone! great to be with you all again :-)
- Daniela Cuccurullo [Naples]

Maizie Avihayil [Israel] 2  Hi Jens
Janet Bianchini [Abruzzo]  Hi Teresa & everyone :-)
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil]  Hi Teresa
- aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3
Nellie Deutsch []  Just grab the mic
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]  OOps
Pete Rutherford [Düsseldorf]  Hi all
Daniela Cuccurullo [Naples]  hello everyone, nice to meet you here
Nellie Deutsch [] :Can we all speak at the same time?
Janet Bianchini [Abruzzo]  Hi Daniela
- Maricarmen Gamero [Coro-Venezuela] -
- Maria Colussa [Santo Tome, Argentina]
Nellie Deutsch []  Speak with sound at the same time, that is. :)
Mbarek Akaddar [Morocco] 2   Hi Teresa , J.A , Dennis , Elizabeth H and all :) Glad I was able to make to this great event :)
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]   Where is raise hand, Vance?
teresadeca (portugal) []   great, mbarek! :-)
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]  Oh, I see it as a little button just above "MAIN ROOM"
- Jim Buckingham [Abu Dhabi ]
Elizabeth (ElizA) [Grenoble]  Jose can you switch off your mic please - I can't hear any interference - it's just the icon
Helen Davies [France]  Hi Teresa
Maizie Avihayil [Israel] 2  Just under your name above main room Elizabeth
Elizabeth (ElizA) [Grenoble]   LOL
- Susan Hillyard [Buenos Aires, Argentina] 1
Susan Hillyard [Buenos Aires, Argentina] 1   Hi from Susan H
Nellie Deutsch []   who said that?
- Anne Hernandez [Arkansas]
Janet Bianchini [Abruzzo  Hi Susan
Helen Davies [France]  Hi Susan - we meet again :)
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]  Hi Maizie
- Marisa Constantinides [Athens, Greece] 1

Vance Stevens [Al Ain UAE]  I agree, exactly what I said :-)
Marisa Constantinides [Athens, Greece] 1  Hello everyone
Janet Bianchini [Abruzzo]  Hi Marisa :-)
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil]  Just did that. Thanks for telling me ElizA
Nellie Deutsch []   let's try 6, then
Marisa Constantinides [Athens, Greece] 1  Hi Janet :-)
Janet Bianchini [Abruzzo]   :-)
- David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA]
Jim Buckingham [Abu Dhabi ]  collaborative note taking available at this link http://buckinsand.titanpad.com/283
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA]   Hi, folks
Elizabeth (ElizA) [Grenoble]   Anne - very pleased to see you here
Nellie Deutsch []  how many webcams at the same time?
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]   BRB -- need coffee
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA]   Elizabeth, can I have some coffee, too, please?
Nellie Deutsch []  so it's a walkie talkie thingie
Helen Davies [France]  Hi David
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil]  Yes
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA]   Hi there - sounds fine
Marisa Constantinides [Athens, Greece] 1  Hi Vance Elizabeth everyone - hi Jens!!! :-)
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil]   Sound is clear
Elizabeth (ElizA) [Grenoble]  Jens
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3  :-)  Hello Jen
Elizabeth (ElizA) [Grenoble]  Yey - marisa
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3  hello jens   yes
Susan Hillyard [Buenos Aires, Argentina] 1   Yes
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA]  Boa tarde
Janet Bianchini [Abruzzo]   yes
Joe Dale [Isle of Wight]  Yes
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil]   Yes
Pete Rutherford [Düsseldorf]  Yep
Carol Rainbow [Hungerford UK]  yes
Liz England [Winchester, VA USA]  yes!
- Dan Bassill [Chicago]

Maizie Avihayil [Israel] 2  If you want to take notes click on window and click on "show notes" you can keep a note of questions asked etc.
Maricarmen Gamero [Coro-Venezuela]  Hello everyone..
Jens Olsen [Denmark]  hi carol!
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil]   Hello Teresa
Helen Davies [France]   Nice to see you Teresa
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil]  Great to hear you
Maria Colussa [Santo Tome, Argentina)  Hello! Greetings from sunny Argentina, lurking here it´s always nice to meet you!
- Rob Perhamus [Upland, CA]
Nellie Deutsch [   Teresa, do you have your webcam on?
- Debbie Tebovich [Buenos Aires, Argentina]
- Doris Molero [Maracaibo]
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil]  Hi marisa
Debbie Tebovich [Buenos Aires, Argentina] Morning everyone
Rob Perhamus [Upland, CA]   Hello
Nellie Deutsch []   Awesome, Teresa :)
Maizie Avihayil [Israel] 2  Hi Debbie!
Janet Bianchini [Abruzzo]  Morning Debbie, nice to 'see' you :-)
Doris Molero [Maracaibo]  Besitos everyone
Debbie Tebovich [Buenos Aires, Argentina]  Hi Janet
Janet Bianchini [Abruzzo]  Hi Doris
Doris Molero [Maracaibo   waves and smiles
Nellie Deutsch []  Do you have to keep your pointer on the talk as you speak?
Susan Hillyard [Buenos Aires, Argentina] 1   Can I speak?
Jens Olsen [Denmark)   hi doris are getting things ready for the halloween party later today in Second life!
Nellie Deutsch []  teh webtour is the best part of collaborate :)
- magda khalifa [UAE]
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil]  Web tour not supported in iPad
Doris Molero [Maracaibo]  :)
Maizie Avihayil [Israel] 2   No you don't Nellie
Nellie Deutsch []  Hi Doris
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil]  I think it was the database
Maria Colussa [Santo Tome, Argentina) yes too long
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3   yes
Nellie Deutsch []   Yes, it takes time to get into the collaborate room. :(
Jens Olsen [Denmark]  jep
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil)  Yes we can
Debbie Tebovich [Buenos Aires, Argentina]  yes Janet
Helen Davies [France]  yes
Maria Colussa [Santo Tome, Argentina) yes
Doris Molero [Maracaibo]  Besitos Nellie... :)
Liz England [Winchester, VA USA  yes!
Carol Rainbow [Hungerford UK]  yes
Joe Dale [Isle of Wight  Yes
Maricarmen Gamero [Coro-Venezuela]  yes
Maizie Avihayil [Israel]   Yes
Susan Hillyard [Buenos Aires, Argentina] 1 Yes
Dan Bassill [Chicago)   yes
Doris Molero [Maracaibo]  yes
magda khalifa [UAE]  yes
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3  i don't see the mic button :-(
Daniela Cuccurullo [Naples]   yes
- Evelyn Izquierdo [Caracas, Venezuela]
Doris Molero [Maracaibo]   Welcome Eve!!! besitos mi linda..
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]   Hi Evelyn!
Debbie Tebovich [Buenos Aires, Argentina]  here too , sunny and elections day
- Trevina Jefferson [Seoul, S. Korea] 4

Maizie Avihayil [Israel] 2   No mic button Aiden - just Talk button at top
Evelyn Izquierdo [Caracas, Venezuela]  Hi all!
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]   We all hate you for living in Abruzzo, Janet!!
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil]  That seems to be a very interesting course
Maizie Avihayil [Israel] 2  Hi Evelyn!
Doris Molero [Maracaibo]  Besitos Eve
Nellie Deutsch [] Can someone tell us about the eBook course?
Marisa Constantinides [Athens, Greece] 1  Lol yes
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]  Hi EA!
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3  Liz and Nathaneal, if i don't get my mic working please say something about NNEST evo session :-)
Jens Olsen [Denmark]  hi denis!!!
Evelyn Izquierdo [Caracas, Venezuela]  Besitos Doris
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3   yes
Carol Rainbow [Hungerford UK] yes
Debbie Tebovich [Buenos Aires, Argentina]  yes
Liz England [Winchester, VA USA  yes, Susan!
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3   i can
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA  We can hear your Susan
Janet Bianchini [Abruzzo]   Yes,
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil]   I am going to log in my PC to see the web tour
Nellie Deutsch []  We hear you Susan. Hi :)
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil]  Hi susan
Helen Davies [France  Hi Susan -lovely to hear you!
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]  Hi Nellie -- We'll talk a little about each of the sessions in a minute.
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #  welcome back Susan
Rob Perhamus [Upland, CA] took a moment but I think I have my audio set up
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]  Hey, Susan! Shout out to Drama!
Elizabeth (ElizA) [Grenoble]  Janet - can you put your hand down LOL
Nellie Deutsch []  @Elizabeth thanks
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3   we're happy to have you back :-)
- Ali Fuad Selvi [Guzelyurt/Morphou,Cyprus]
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3  that's good Susan
Helen Davies [France) Sounds great Susan - I'll join for one!
Nellie Deutsch []  I hope to join the drama course.
Janet Bianchini [Abruzzo]   Sorry, just done it :-)
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA] That's a very interesting idea, Susan. Would like to know more about that
Vance Stevens [Al Ain UAE)  if you want to talk just grab the mic when it's free
Jim Buckingham [Abu Dhabi ]  Request mic (?)
Nellie Deutsch []   Hello David :)
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil]  Sound really interesting
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA]  Hi, Nellie
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #   I've already invited a participant from Fu-ren university in Taipei who's doing drama for college students
Vance Stevens [Al Ain UAE) if you want to be a moderator leave a note here   a request  , mics are available, if you CAN click on talk and make it work, it's is free
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA]  World Shakespeare Society?!? ;-)
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil]  Everyone has technical difficulties
Elizabeth (ElizA) [Grenoble]  Yep Rob - your turn
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil) The tech people have even more
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento) Drama has really become technically proficient over the years!
Helen Davies [France] Looking forward to that Susan - I'll be there with or without the tech problems !
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA]   :-)
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3  you're not!!!
Nellie Deutsch [  I met you Susan and you're youn :)
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3  :-)
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA] Congratulations - vaya con Dios
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil )    Thanks great to hear you
Helen Davies [France]  COngrats
Janet Bianchini [Abruzzo]  Congratulations!
Maizie Avihayil [Israel]   How nice!
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento   Congrats, Susan
Mbarek Akaddar [Morocco] 2   bye :)
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3  hi Jim
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil]  Hi Jim
Maria Colussa [Santo Tome, Argentina) congrats!
Liz England [Winchester, VA USA] Hello, Jim!
Anne Hernandez [Arkansas]  congratulations!
Nellie Deutsch []  Congratulations, Susan. Any other new grandparents?
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil]  Badges are fun
- Holly Dilatush [Charlottesville, VA, USA]
Jens Olsen [Denmark) congra susan
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA]   practical quesions, really?
- Bedrettin Yazan [College Park, Maryland] 1
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil]   We are just implementing a badges system at CTJ
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]   What is/are a multi-MOOC?
Nellie Deutsch []   What is the question again?
Holly Dilatush [Charlottesville, VA, USA]  Hello everyone. Finally made it.
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]  Vance -- why not turn on your video?
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil]  I can see the web tour now
Mbarek Akaddar [Morocco]   Welcome Holly :)
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]   Yes, we see it
Debbie Tebovich [Buenos Aires, Argentina]  not sure what a multimooc is, but Dr Couros is talking about the UNMOOC
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil]  I can see it
Nellie Deutsch []   yes, I love jing
Maizie Avihayil [Israel]    yes I see it Vance
Susan Hillyard [Buenos Aires, Argentina] 1   Grt Helen...been missing you!
Vance Stevens [Al Ain UAE]
Jens Olsen [Denmark]   pl put links as ref
Rob Perhamus [Upland, CA]  Next pause
Helen Davies [France  Me too Susan :)
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]  You can add audio to Jing at the screencast site -- nice new feature for creating a presentation.
Dan Bassill [Chicago] When someone views the archive do the links work? Can they click on the video and will it open?
Nellie Deutsch []  I just realized that I used to have an Elluminate room of my own. I wonder if it's still there on learning times...
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA]  I think if it is a valid link, Dan, it SHOULD work
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3  hi Ali, i'm glad you can make it :-)
Jim Buckingham [Abu Dhabi ]  Hi Vance .. Could we get the URL for the tutorials pages that you have up on the screen now?
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento] You notice how the presenter keeps an eye on the chat screen? This is easier with a second moderator dedicated to that task.
Vance Stevens [Al Ain UAE]
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3  im in shanghai, and am having technical difficulty
teresadeca (portugal) []  i'm taking my 3rd MOOC since june :-)
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3  i can't use the mic
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]  You could also type it on the whiteboard, Vance?
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA]  Is it the Internet in Shanghai, Aiden? ;-)
Nellie Deutsch []  I started my own MOOCs because I missed the Siemens and Downes cMOOCs.
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3 if this continues, please say something sbout NNEST evo session
I did vance
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil]  I am taking my second finishing next week  Will take one more this yea r
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3   yes :-)
Anne Hernandez [Arkansas]  Thanks for the link.
Liz England [Winchester, VA USA] Good to have link!
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]  Chatters -- You can grab the chat screen and open it up by pulling up at the top margin -- gives a bigger window.
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3   :-)
Janet Bianchini [Abruzzo]  Interesting, Vance!
Maria Colussa [Santo Tome, Argentina]  we like listening to you!
Elizabeth (ElizA) [Grenoble]  yes
Liz England [Winchester, VA USA]  Hi, Rob!
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3  hi rob
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil]  Hi Rob
Dennis Newson [Osnabrueck GERMANY]  Just want to say "Hi" to all those who know, and those I've yet to meet. I'm involved in two sesions Machinima and (to be renamed) "The best of YLTSIG". Must dash off, but if there any any questions, Helen willbe taken aback to be asked, but will try to answer.
Vance Stevens [Al Ain UAE]  I'm going to carry on in txt chat
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3   too early for you rob!
Nellie Deutsch []  Sounds great, Rob
Nellie Deutsch []  anyone using a MAC?
Vance Stevens [Al Ain UAE]   if you have questions ask them here
Debbie Tebovich [Buenos Aires, Argentina]  me
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3  robbng you off your sleep eh?
Anne Hernandez [Arkansas]  I'd like to talk for a moment.
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3   hi Liz!!!!
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil]  Hi Liz
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]  Nellie -- yes
Daniela Cuccurullo [Naples]   yes , me I'm using a mac
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA]  Hi, Virginia
Holly Dilatush [Charlottesville, VA, USA] I'm in Virginia, too! Hello!!
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3   please be my voice :-)
Ali Fuad Selvi [Guzelyurt/Morphou,Cyprus]  welcome back home Liz :)
Doris Molero [Maracaibo]   :)
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]  Hi Daniela!   Welcome back
Doris Molero [Maracaibo) waves at Liz
Maria Colussa [Santo Tome, Argentina]   :)
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil]  I am delighted too
Nellie Deutsch []   Welcome, Liz. Some people think I live on another planet :)
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA]  Vance is on Mars, occasionally, but the rest of us are terrestials
- Daniela Munca-Aftenev [Chisinau, Moldova]  -
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3  which session?    NNEST!
Janet Bianchini [Abruzzo] NIce to hear your voice, Liz
Doris Molero [Maracaibo]   lol
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]  I'm glad you made it Rob -- by phone?!
Mbarek Akaddar [Morocco] 2  Welcome Daniela :)
Evelyn Izquierdo [Caracas, Venezuela]  I do, Nellie
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3  whoo hoo!!!
Janet Bianchini [Abruzzo]  Hi Eve :-)
Daniela Cuccurullo [Naples]  thanks a lot,Elizabeth: Nice to be here again
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA] Good job, Aiden!
Daniela Munca-Aftenev [Chisinau, Moldova] 2  Hi everyone! Best regads from Moldova
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento] Daniela -- LOL
Evelyn Izquierdo [Caracas, Venezuela] Hi Janet!
Holly Dilatush [Charlottesville, VA, USA]  [Should I be seeing anything on the whiteboard/screen? All I see is gray???
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3   two: ali and nathaneal
Debbie Tebovich [Buenos Aires, Argentina]  Interesting :-)
Nellie Deutsch [] You're using a MAC, Eve? What kind?
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]  Rob may be offline
Vance Stevens [Al Ain UAE]  Rob is a frequent visitor in our learning2gether hangouts
Holly Dilatush [Charlottesville, VA, USA]  love it!!!
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3 you're dropping in :-)
Doris Molero [Maracaibo] Besitos Indi...
Holly Dilatush [Charlottesville, VA, USA]  Welcome to our crew!
Nellie Deutsch []  What do you use, Rob?
Vance Stevens [Al Ain UAE]  we appreciate your interest :-)
Evelyn Izquierdo [Caracas, Venezuela]  No. I think you live on another planet. LOL
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil] Please Mbarek
Holly Dilatush [Charlottesville, VA, USA] yes
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento] Nellie -- I'm on a very large desktop. Did you have a question?
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil]  Yes
teresadeca (portugal) []  yes
Debbie Tebovich [Buenos Aires, Argentina]  yes
Elizabeth (ElizA) [Grenoble] yes
Maizie Avihayil [Israel] 2 yes
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3  hello mbarek
Janet Bianchini [Abruzzo]  Yes
Maria Colussa [Santo Tome, Argentina] yes
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3 yes
Liz England [Winchester, VA USA]  Thanks! Hand down!
Jens Olsen [Denmark]  jep
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]  I've also used an airbook for Elluminate.
Vance Stevens [Al Ain UAE]  Rob uses a number of intersting tools which he tells us about in Hangout. Maybe I can find a URL
teresadeca (portugal) []  bonjour, dear mbarek :-)
Nellie Deutsch []  Bonjour, Mabarek
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil]  Great to hear you Mbare
Helen Davies [France]  Hi Mbarek :)
Holly Dilatush [Charlottesville, VA, USA]  It is really nice to HEAR you, Mbarek :)
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]  Bon jour, Mbarek!
Evelyn Izquierdo [Caracas, Venezuela]  Did you read my answer, Nellie? :D
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]  Good to hear your voice
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil]  ICT4ELT I am there, too
teresadeca (portugal) []  :-)mbarek
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA]  Bienvenue, Mbarek
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil]  BaW was great
Nellie Deutsch []  Yes, Eve, but since I'm on another planet, my response took a bit of time. :)
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil]  Me, too. It was a turning point for me
teresadeca (portugal) []  thk you, dear mbarek :-)   it was a great pleasure
Helen Davies [France]  Well said Mbarek
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil]  Very week
Elizabeth (ElizA) [Grenoble]  great
Janet Bianchini [Abruzzo] Thanks, Mbarek
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil] Very well said, I mena  Mean
Evelyn Izquierdo [Caracas, Venezuela) Nellie, lol, you are amazing.
Nellie Deutsch []  I never took BAW. Does that mean I'm not a Webhead until I do? I did join in 2005.
Holly Dilatush [Charlottesville, VA, USA]  nice!
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento] It's really great to see so many Moderators present today -- hope you enjoy the Elluminate interface.
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil] Hi
Holly Dilatush [Charlottesville, VA, USA] The more co-mods you have, the better sessions tend to run ~
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil]  This sounds like an interesting course
Evelyn Izquierdo [Caracas, Venezuela]  Yes, Nellie, you have to start again, lol
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento] Nellie - you are a Webhead!
teresadeca (portugal) []  of course not, nellie, though you'd be a better webhead if you'd taken baw ;-)
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3  :-)
Nellie Deutsch []  Hopefully, I'm going to have a few co-moderators.
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento It would be interesting to see if an iPad works OK with Ellumniate.
Evelyn Izquierdo [Caracas, Venezuela] Just kidding
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil) Great to hear you
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA] I don't believe I've ever heard someone speak online from the Isle of Wight - Cheerio!
Mbarek Akaddar [Morocco] 2 Thanks dear friends :)
Holly Dilatush [Charlottesville, VA, USA] Podcasting = one of the sessions I hear SO much positive about!
Anne Hernandez [Arkansas] Could anyone hear me?
Evelyn Izquierdo [Caracas, Venezuela] Thank you Holly
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento] BRB - getting my iPad
Mbarek Akaddar [Morocco] 2 no
Maria Colussa [Santo Tome, Argentina] I´m a podcast baby
teresadeca (portugal) []  yes, annre   sorry... anne
Nellie Deutsch []   I would join BAW, but I hate Yahoo. :(
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA]  You are a podcast baby, Maria? :-)
Liz England [Winchester, VA USA]  So grateful to meet everyone! Signing off now!
Holly Dilatush [Charlottesville, VA, USA]  Co-Mods share the work = and the more eyes there are to monitor the initial 'flood' of posts, the easier things go.
teresadeca (portugal) [] bye, liz!
Vance Stevens [Al Ain UAE] we are happy to have you
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil] iPad is great for this and it saved me today because I have been having problems being heard in Elluminate form my PC
Nellie Deutsch [] Bye, Liz
Vance Stevens [Al Ain UAE]  bye liz
Evelyn Izquierdo [Caracas, Venezuela] I'm connected with my smartphone. It has Android OS. It is working fine with Blackboard Collaborate
Susan Hillyard [Buenos Aires, Argentina] 1  Mbarak!
Maria Colussa [Santo Tome, Argentina] I did the podcasting session last year with Evelyn and the Miguels
Nellie Deutsch []  why only 4?
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3  from one session to another :-)
Holly Dilatush [Charlottesville, VA, USA] Most Mods find that their first experience = most put in more time than they HAVE to...
Ali Fuad Selvi [Guzelyurt/Morphou,Cyprus] NNEST-EVO 2014 group is represented by Aiden Yeh (mentor), Liz England, Nathanael Rudolph, Bedrettin Yazan (sorry if I missed anyone) in this meeting right now. Go NNEST-EVO! :D
teresadeca (portugal) []  the more mods you have, the better organized you need to be, imho
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento Great, Jose -- good info. I have a mini, so we'll see.
Maizie Avihayil [Israel] 2  Lost audio
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3  you'll get instructions from yourlead moderator
Holly Dilatush [Charlottesville, VA, USA]  You can immerse yourself and 'live' EVO
Joe Dale [Isle of Wight]  OK
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil]  That is great that we have more options
teresadeca (portugal) []  ola, david :-)
Holly Dilatush [Charlottesville, VA, USA]  or you can pace yourself, discipline yourself to limits, DECLARE when you will/won't be as available, speak to the adult in all of us...
Anne Hernandez [Arkansas]  Sorry, I can't stay. I must run!
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA] More options - ALWAYS a good thing
teresadeca (portugal) []  long time no talk, david
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil]  From my experience operators can be more active for a week
Vance Stevens [Al Ain UAE]  bye anne
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA]  Ola, Teresa!
Ali Fuad Selvi [Guzelyurt/Morphou,Cyprus]  Can we get the Q in the Chat box as well? Thnx!
Marisa Constantinides [Athens, Greece] 1  time investment can be quite high if you are responsive to posts but a good team can make this load lighter
Holly Dilatush [Charlottesville, VA, USA] adults tend to understand "overload" and BUSY!
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil] And then lurk a bit if she/he is too busy
Carol Rainbow [Hungerford UK] on MachinEVO I think we spend aout 6 hours each week running the sessions, most of us moderators attend each session to help
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3  yes
Evelyn Izquierdo [Caracas, Venezuela]  Y
teresadeca (portugal) []  yes
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA]  yes
Debbie Tebovich [Buenos Aires, Argentina] yes
Joe Dale [Isle of Wight]  Yes

Holly Dilatush [Charlottesville, VA, USA] I do have a mic if you want me to say "Hi!" (I'm late, so not sure if Susan Hillyard has had a turn to speak about EVO_Drama yet or not?
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento] Hi Jens
Vance Stevens [Al Ain UAE] she has
Doris Molero [Maracaibo] hace la ola por Jens
Vance Stevens [Al Ain UAE] but please say hi to us
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil] Moderators can generally be in charge of one week or more if he/she has time
Doris Molero [Maracaibo] The wave for Jens!!
Elizabeth (ElizA) [Grenoble] Holly - do say Hi -
Doris Molero [Maracaibo]   :)
- Rubena St. Louis [Caracas]
Evelyn Izquierdo [Caracas, Venezuela] Hooray for Venezuelans
Marisa Constantinides [Athens, Greece] 1 te he he Doris - best student turned moderator - can teach ME a thing or five1
Elizabeth (ElizA) [Grenoble] Yes SH did spek abt the drama group
Doris Molero [Maracaibo]  Siii!
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA] Hola, Reuben. Bienvenidos
Doris Molero [Maracaibo) Hope to see you all in Second Life..
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA] Hola Rubena* - lo siento
Elizabeth (ElizA) [Grenoble] Joe - you can put your hand down now
Doris Molero [Maracaibo] Besitos Rubena
Vance Stevens [Al Ain UAE]  Hi Doris
Doris Molero [Maracaibo] Indii!!! besitos
Rubena St. Louis [Caracas] Hi everyone...thought I was on time. Good morning
Doris Molero [Maracaibo] Buenos Dias, Tubi
Evelyn Izquierdo [Caracas, Venezuela] Hi Rubena!
teresadeca (portugal) [] hi rubena!
Doris Molero [Maracaibo] Teresa .. besitos
Elizabeth (ElizA) [Grenoble] GO -on - who's going to say hello !
Evelyn Izquierdo [Caracas, Venezuela] Hi Maricarmen!
teresadeca (portugal) [] doris... more besitos to you :-)
Elizabeth (ElizA) [Grenoble] see how convenient it is when ppl put their hands up
Holly Dilatush [Charlottesville, VA, USA] Actually, I should bow out -- WELCOME to all = Enjoy your sessions! Bye for now ~
Doris Molero [Maracaibo]  :)
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3  hi dan
Elizabeth (ElizA) [Grenoble] Vance is just an anachist
Vance Stevens [Al Ain UAE]  ok Holly
Doris Molero [Maracaibo] I don't have a mic..it broke down
Mbarek Akaddar [Morocco] 2  Daniela , I sent you a private message on chat :)
Doris Molero [Maracaibo]  :(
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil]  Hi
Vance Stevens [Al Ain UAE]  ahem, the correct term is cat herder
teresadeca (portugal) []  hi, dan! great to see you here :-)
Nellie Deutsch []  Hi Dan :)
Elizabeth (ElizA) [Grenoble] Oh what a pity Doris
Vance Stevens [Al Ain UAE] (different from being an anarchist :-))
Carol Rainbow [Hungerford UK]  I am used to using BC as a moderator and have company so I am going to leave you all now - thank everyone! best wishes and good luck with your EVOs
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil] Thanks
Doris Molero [Maracaibo]  the wave for Nellie!!!!!  besitos Nellie..
Janet Bianchini [Abruzzo]  Bye Carol, see you later
Maria Colussa [Santo Tome, Argentina)  I know people from Chicago: Theresa Allen, David Karnoskak
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3  :-)
Vance Stevens [Al Ain UAE]  specifically, I am a connectivist cat herder
Evelyn Izquierdo [Caracas, Venezuela] Nellie is an inspiration
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil]  That is right
Maria Colussa [Santo Tome, Argentina] :)
Janet Bianchini [Abruzzo] Lovely to hear you Nellie
Maizie Avihayil [Israel] 2  Because EVO is FUN!!!
teresadeca (portugal) [] @dan how is andy pincon? haven't heard from him in a long time
Mbarek Akaddar [Morocco] 2 Kudos to Nellie :)
Doris Molero [Maracaibo] We are connectivist.. edupunk.. webheads.. :)
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil] I have been coming back since 2006
Nellie Deutsch [] excellent question
Dan Bassill [Chicago] I posted a map graphic into the board to illustrate a use of maps to mobilize people, or build shared commitment. Also to test how this works!
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil]  First thing is learning to filter information
Susan Hillyard [Buenos Aires, Argentina] 1 Holly....I spoke! Hope I represented us well enough! But you can speak too!
- Claire Bradin Siskin [Chandigarh]
teresadeca (portugal) [] ola, clarinha! :-)
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil] I agree, support is really important
Dan Bassill [Chicago] The map graphic is from this blog article http://tutormentor.blogspot.com/2013/09/using-street-violence-to-sell-newspaper.html
- Morteza Barin [Khoy,IRAN] 1

Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil] It is time consuming and can be overwhelming
Claire Bradin Siskin [Chandigarh]  ola
Mbarek Akaddar [Morocco] 2 Welcome Morzeta :)
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA]  Hi, Claire - where are you today?
Janet Bianchini [Abruzzo] Yes, a good point, Nellie
Vance Stevens [Al Ain UAE] ola clarita
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA] not Pittsburgh, I 'm guessing
Evelyn Izquierdo [Caracas, Venezuela] Hola Claire!
Helen Davies [France] I started as a lurker too EA !!
Claire Bradin Siskin [Chandigarh] hola
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil]  Lurking is also part of learning
Morteza Barin [Khoy,IRAN] 1 hello everybody
Ali Fuad Selvi [Guzelyurt/Morphou,Cyprus]  Interesting EVO-specific lexical items. What describes your experience most?? http://www.morewords.com/contains-by-length/evo/
Maizie Avihayil [Israel] 2  Me too Elizabeth Anne
Vance Stevens [Al Ain UAE]  I am a lurker in dozens of communities
Dan Bassill [Chicago]  Confidence in participating takes time, and practice.
Mbarek Akaddar [Morocco] 2 Hi Morzeta:)
Nellie Deutsch [] I rememer how well you did in digifolios a few years ago, Elizabeth
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA] Professional lurking!
Janet Bianchini [Abruzzo] Sorry I have to go now. It's been a fantastic session. See you very soon, I hope. Thanks very much! Bye
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA]  Bye, Janet
Evelyn Izquierdo [Caracas, Venezuela] I love that profession David :D
Vance Stevens [Al Ain UAE] bye janet, glad you could join us
Janet Bianchini [Abruzzo] Bye everyone!
- dana poklepovic [Buenos Aires]
Mbarek Akaddar [Morocco] 2  Bye janet :)
teresadeca (portugal) []  bye janet
Maizie Avihayil [Israel] 2  Bye Janet
Evelyn Izquierdo [Caracas, Venezuela]  Bye Janet
Doris Molero [Maracaibo]  Lurking is aomrtimes all we can do... sighs     sometimes*
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil]  I have always enjoyed listening about lurker a experience specially in the end of course
Maizie Avihayil [Israel] 2 Lurkers = Silent learners!
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil] Or later
Maria Colussa [Santo Tome, Argentina] Last year I was a first timer and I immediatelly felt at home in all the sessions I was
Evelyn Izquierdo [Caracas, Venezuela] May I be a lurking in your sessions?A lurker*
Doris Molero [Maracaibo] giggles
Vance Stevens [Al Ain UAE] you may lurk aomrtimes
Ali Fuad Selvi [Guzelyurt/Morphou,Cyprus] Lurking = Silent Period (/end Krashen) :)
Elizabeth (ElizA) [Grenoble] LOL - Maria - you're great
Jens Olsen [Denmark] How many are using Second Life?
Nellie Deutsch [] I never got anything from lurking. Is it only me?
dana poklepovic [Buenos Aires] hi! sorry to be late i had trouble getting connected
Evelyn Izquierdo [Caracas, Venezuela] Me, Jens
Elizabeth (ElizA) [Grenoble] Dana - good to see you
Claire Bradin Siskin [Chandigarh] lurking might be the first developmental step to participating
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3 it should be non threatening Jim
Maria Colussa [Santo Tome, Argentina] I think it´s important to say we felt we were all learning
Vance Stevens [Al Ain UAE]  all of us are by definition lurkers in some places are we not?
Mbarek Akaddar [Morocco] 2 My SL name is ub4me Haderma but I rarely go there :)
Nellie Deutsch []I need to get involved to get anything from a course.
Debbie Tebovich [Buenos Aires, Argentina) I have to leave, I'm so sorry.
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA] yes, indeedy!!
Ali Fuad Selvi [Guzelyurt/Morphou,Cyprus]  Lurking = First step in legitmate peripheral participation??
Claire Bradin Siskin [Chandigarh] i agree Vance
Doris Molero [Maracaibo] I am becoming a professional lurker.. I miss interacting.. but lurking is a way to keep in touch
Maizie Avihayil [Israel] 2 I don't think you will able to Joe
- Silvia Montimurro [Argentina] 2
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA] Hola, Dana, Silvia, Debbie - Bienvenidos
Silvia Montimurro [Argentina] 2  Hi!! Sorry, to belate!!  yes
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3 no
Dan Bassill [Chicago] Finding time to participate frequently as a lurker is a first step toward building more active participation.
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil] Nope
Mbarek Akaddar [Morocco] 2 no
Marisa Constantinides [Athens, Greece] 1 not yet
Evelyn Izquierdo [Caracas, Venezuela] No
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3 are you sharing yours? are you doing a web share?  desk stop shae?
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil] No
Marisa Constantinides [Athens, Greece] 1 no
Evelyn Izquierdo [Caracas, Venezuela) Hi Maria!
Rob Perhamus [Upland, CA] Has anyone ever tried a 100% mobile session with this platform?
Silvia Montimurro [Argentina] 2 yes
Nellie Deutsch []  Hi Claire. How's the weather where you are?
Trevina Jefferson [Seoul, S. Korea] 4 Is the maximum number of participants allowed on Collaborate at one time is 50.
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3 no, i'm seeing the whiteboar
Jens Olsen [Denmark] no
Dan Bassill [Chicago]  no
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil] iPad has some limitations
Susan Hillyard [Buenos Aires, Argentina] 1 Hi Dana and Silvia from my city!!!!!
Jim Buckingham [Abu Dhabi ] Nope
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3  no
Evelyn Izquierdo [Caracas, Venezuela] Yes
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil] No
Evelyn Izquierdo [Caracas, Venezuela] I do
Claire Bradin Siskin [Chandigarh] still fairly hot in northern INdia
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA] One day, when I grow up, I'll get an iPad! :-)
Susan Hillyard [Buenos Aires, Argentina] 1 No screen
Claire Bradin Siskin [Chandigarh] India
Ali Fuad Selvi [Guzelyurt/Morphou,Cyprus] Agreed Dan. That's exactly my point!
Evelyn Izquierdo [Caracas, Venezuela] I do see it
Jim Buckingham [Abu Dhabi ] now something is happening
Jens Olsen [Denmark] ok
Nellie Deutsch [] David, do you want mine when I get a better one?
Silvia Montimurro [Argentina] 2 (y)
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3 something is happening
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil] Yes
Silvia Montimurro [Argentina] 2  yep
Jim Buckingham [Abu Dhabi ] rolling down the screen
Rubena St. Louis [Caracas] screen is up
Claire Bradin Siskin [Chandigarh] i love my ipad mini -- much lighter than ipad
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3 ok i'm seeing your ipad screen
Maizie Avihayil [Israel] 2 Yes we can see it Joe
Jens Olsen [Denmark] coming
Dan Bassill [Chicago] fast for me
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3 speed is ok here in shanghai
Nellie Deutsch [] David, I get the family's hand me down ipads.
Rob Perhamus [Upland, CA] seeing your ipad
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3 ok
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA]  I like the color of your iPad
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil] How did you do it?
Jens Olsen [Denmark] ok here
Jim Buckingham [Abu Dhabi ]  blank screen
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3 i can see
Silvia Montimurro [Argentina] 2 yep
- Shelly Sanchez Terrell [San Antonio, TX]
Nellie Deutsch [] wow, that looks great
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3 yes
Jim Buckingham [Abu Dhabi ] then roll down screen
Maizie Avihayil [Israel] 2 yes
Claire Bradin Siskin [Chandigarh] i will be wrking in a project here in India in which we will provide ipad minis for the participants
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil] Yes
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA] Nice volume levels
Maria Colussa [Santo Tome, Argentina] is the ipad wired to your pc?
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3 cool
Jim Buckingham [Abu Dhabi ] should we be able to hear a recording?
Jens Olsen [Denmark] I see
Jim Buckingham [Abu Dhabi ] no playback
Maizie Avihayil [Israel] 2 no
- Dennis Oliver [Phoenix, AZ]
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil] No
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 # 3 you're welcome
Evelyn Izquierdo [Caracas, Venezuela]
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento] Is there a session URL, Vance?
Mbarek Akaddar [Morocco] 2 Welcome Shelly :)
Claire Bradin Siskin [Chandigarh]  Hi Dennis!!!
Shelly Sanchez Terrell [San Antonio, TX]  Hi everyone!
Mbarek Akaddar [Morocco]  Welcome Dennis :)
Dennis Oliver [Phoenix, AZ ) Clarinha!
Elizabeth (ElizA) [Grenoble]  Hi Shelly
Maria Colussa [Santo Tome, Argentina] Hi Shelly! will you be moderating?
Dennis Oliver [Phoenix, AZ]  Shukran, Mbarek.
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento] @Vance is there a session URL that I can put in my iPad?
teresadeca (portugal) [] dennis, how good to see you here! :-)
Nellie Deutsch [] How many moderators can you make all at once, Vance?
Dan Bassill [Chicago]  nice test
Dennis Oliver [Phoenix, AZ] It took me forever to enter this session: MUCH slower than in the past.
Mbarek Akaddar [Morocco] 2 Miss you, Man :)
Vance Stevens [Al Ain UAE]  no telling, let's break it :-)
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil]  I have to learn how to do that
Dennis Oliver [Phoenix, AZ]  Thanks, Teresa. Abraços!
Nellie Deutsch [] Hello Dennis
Shelly Sanchez Terrell [San Antonio, TX] Yes I am the moderator and lead organizer for Crafting the ePerfect Textbook
Claire Bradin Siskin [Chandigarh] because so many people, Dennis
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento) @Dennis - that may be because so many people are in the session?
Elizabeth (ElizA) [Grenoble] Dennio see y ous O - good t
Maria Colussa [Santo Tome, Argentina]  Ok!
Dennis Oliver [Phoenix, AZ]  Hi, Nellie.
Evelyn Izquierdo [Caracas, Venezuela]   I'm using Android. It works perfectly
Elizabeth (ElizA) [Grenoble] You're not the first person to say that
Rob Perhamus [Upland, CA]  What was the reflector app?
Nellie Deutsch []  Hi Shelly, can you say something about your course?
Dennis Oliver [Phoenix, AZ]  Ah, I see, Clarinha.
Elizabeth (ElizA) [Grenoble] Dennis - it's the new Elluminate
Shelly Sanchez Terrell [San Antonio, TX]  Sure! Thanks Nellie
Morteza Barin [Khoy,IRAN] 1 I use Android too
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3  that'll be good Joe :-)
Dennis Oliver [Phoenix, AZ]  Hi, Elizabeth Anne.
Shelly Sanchez Terrell [San Antonio, TX] Just say when
Maizie Avihayil [Israel] 2  Good idea Joe
Dennis Oliver [Phoenix, AZ]  I figured as much, Elizabeth.
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA] new AND improved (cough, cough) Elluminate
Susan Hillyard [Buenos Aires, Argentina] 1  Hi Shelley!
Shelly Sanchez Terrell [San Antonio, TX]Hi Susan!
Dan Bassill [Chicago] Can you give quick description of difference between ap sharing and web tour?
Maizie Avihayil [Israel] 2 Hi Shelly
Jens Olsen [Denmark]  any prof saying compare with google hangout on air...pl
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil]  I am in ipad
Dennis Oliver [Phoenix, AZ]  Hi, Wex. The price of progress, huh? :-)
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil] I will have to download this app I think
Rubena St. Louis [Caracas) Hi Shelly...
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA]  Hi, Dennis - How is it going?
Daniela Cuccurullo [Naples] sorry, what's the name of the second one?
Shelly Sanchez Terrell [San Antonio, TX]  Hi Rubena! I made it
Next weekend maybe not, though, because it's my birthday and 8am
Dennis Oliver [Phoenix, AZ]  Wex: Good, thanks. You?
Vance Stevens [Al Ain UAE]  url? web tour
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA] Indeed, the price of progress (especially when it is free!) :-)
Elizabeth (ElizA) [Grenoble) Tony Vincent - 6 ways of mirroring your ipad
Mbarek Akaddar [Morocco] 2 Welcome Dana :)
Rob Perhamus [Upland, CA]  I was searching for the relector app on ipad
Vance Stevens [Al Ain UAE] AIR play to answer daniela
Rubena St. Louis [Caracas] Great...you're really working hard.
Jim Buckingham [Abu Dhabi ] Tony

Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil]  I will download it and play around later
Daniela Cuccurullo [Naples  thanks a lot
Jim Buckingham [Abu Dhabi ]  Tony Vincent link
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3  Elizabeth, you're on
Evelyn Izquierdo [Caracas, Venezuela] I'm using my smartphone. It's amazing. I never thought I could do this from my bed. :D
Shelly Sanchez Terrell [San Antonio, TX] LOL
Vance Stevens [Al Ain UAE]
Jens Olsen [Denmark]  great link
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil]  Web tour not supported by iPad
Elizabeth (ElizA) [Grenoble]  Go on Evelyn - say hello (no image)LOL
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA) Nice web page!
Evelyn Izquierdo [Caracas, Venezuela]  Lol
Rob Perhamus [Upland, CA) Thanks will try it
Shelly Sanchez Terrell [San Antonio, TX]  On mobile devices you can't see the webtours or use the whiteboard
Nellie Deutsch []  That's excellent, Joe. Thank you.
Evelyn Izquierdo [Caracas, Venezuela) Now I see the Web tour is not supported
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil]  Thanks joe. Living and learning
Joe Dale [Isle of Wight]  That's a shame Shelly :-(
Trevina Jefferson [Seoul, S. Korea] 4  I can see it
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil]  Connecting and learning
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA]   interesting, if that's the case, Vance
Vance Stevens [Al Ain UAE]
Shelly Sanchez Terrell [San Antonio, TX]  On mobiles you also can't see Youtube videos
Joe Dale [Isle of Wight]
Nellie Deutsch []
Jim Buckingham [Abu Dhabi ]
"Follow me" will only come up when you are a moderator .. is that right?
.. and where would one expect to find it?
Susan Hillyard [Buenos Aires, Argentina] 1 Can any group use Bb?
Vance Stevens [Al Ain UAE]  correct, and only one follow me per sesión
Vance Stevens [Al Ain UAE] I'll make you moderator
Mbarek Akaddar [Morocco] 2
15:50  @Daniela Have you seen your private chat box ?
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3  webheads
Marisa Constantinides [Athens, Greece] 1  Great to see you all have to go as I am running a session on my other laptop :-)
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil]    You will have to ope the URL for. The web and it will take
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3
Nellie Deutsch []  in your email
Marisa Constantinides [Athens, Greece]   will see you all online!!!
and in Second Life
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA]  click the link from Vance's Learning Together wiki page, Elizabeth
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3
Maizie Avihayil [Israel] 2  Bye Marisa
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil]
You will first have to download the app
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]  right - I see it, but how to copy
teresadeca (portugal) []  yes, marisa!
Maria Colussa [Santo Tome, Argentina]  Vance is a multi-expert!
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3   allow java download elizabeth
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA]
Claire Bradin Siskin [Chandigarh]indeed
Nellie Deutsch []   Can you connect your iPad with you MAC?
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil)  I opened it in the e-mail and it directed me to the app
Shelly Sanchez Terrell [San Antonio, TX]   During RSCON people clicked via the hashtag on twitter
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA]  that's the link from Vance's wiki page
Jens Olsen [Denmark]   hi marisa!
Evelyn Izquierdo [Caracas, Venezuela) Hi Shelly!
Shelly Sanchez Terrell [San Antonio, TX]  Hi Evelyn!
Evelyn Izquierdo [Caracas, Venezuela] I did Shelly!
It was easier for me.
Nellie Deutsch []  no it's another session each time
Helen Davies [France  I will have to leave you (children needing attention!) - lovely to see you all and have a lovely Sunday :)
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA]  Usually the URL is a unique one, I believe
Nellie Deutsch []  Bye, Helel
Evelyn Izquierdo [Caracas, Venezuela]  Thanks Helen!
Maizie Avihayil [Israel] 2  bye Helen
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]  Trevina has mentioined that the info is in our YG
Morteza Barin [Khoy,IRAN] 1 would you please tell us about how to connect our Galaxy S4 to projector?
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil) Bye Helen
Evelyn Izquierdo [Caracas, Venezuela]   Bye Helen
Rob Perhamus [Upland, CA]
Thanks all, I have places to go and things to do.. have a good day
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]  I'm trying to find a way to take that huge sas address and get it over to my iPad-mini
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA) Take care, Rob
Jens Olsen [Denmark]  how are we going to use this blackboard in our course.....rights?
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA]  email it to yourself, Elizabeth and click the link in the email - or use something like bit.ly to shorten it
Nellie Deutsch []  if you don't stop it, it will go on forever and then overlaps
Shelly Sanchez Terrell [San Antonio, TX]   lol
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil]  That was how I got here David
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3   Ali and Bedrettin, would you like to say hi :-)
Shelly Sanchez Terrell [San Antonio, TX]  Yes that is true
Nellie Deutsch []  Elluminate and Collaborate are soooo primitive :(
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA] Great, Jose  - But they are free, Nellie! ;-)
at least from Learning Times
Dennis Oliver [Phoenix, AZ]  Primitive in what way(s), Nellie?
Nellie Deutsch []
WizIQ is free for educators, too
Shelly Sanchez Terrell [San Antonio, TX] Yes so this year we won't schedule right after another
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil]  I will have to leave
Maizie Avihayil [Israel] 2  and the moderator must make sure others cannot come in
Elizabeth HS [Sacrmento]  Ok I'm in with iPad mini
Shelly Sanchez Terrell [San Antonio, TX]  Because we found people need time to leave
Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil]  Bye everyone
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA]  Take care, Jose
Evelyn Izquierdo [Caracas, Venezuela]   Nope
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA]  I believe that is the case, Elizabeth
Dennis Oliver [Phoenix, AZ) I don't like WizIQ. It never worked well for me on a Mac.
Nellie Deutsch []  Dennis, the download is annoying for one.
Mbarek Akaddar [Morocco] 2  Bye J.A , Have a great end of weekend :)
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA]  Hang in there, Dennis - can help you with that one, too!
teresadeca (portugal) [  bye, JA :-)
Dennis Oliver [Phoenix, AZ]  I agree 1000% about the download, Nellie. It used to be quick, but not now.
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA]  not Adobe
Shelly Sanchez Terrell [San Antonio, TX]  If you tweet with the hashtag of your session then it'll open
Daniela Cuccurullo [Naples) hi nina
Elizabeth HS [Sacrmento]  I just got in thru Safari
Nellie Deutsch []  I use a Lion MAC, a Mac laptop, and iPad and Android and WizIQ works on all of them really well.
Susan Hillyard [Buenos Aires, Argentina] 1  Nellie, do you think Bb is better than WizIQ?
- Jose Antonio [Brasilia - Brazil] salió de la Sala Principal. ( 9:23 ) -
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA) brb
Dennis Oliver [Phoenix, AZ] That's good to know, Nellie. Maybe I should reconsider! :-)
Evelyn Izquierdo [Caracas, Venezuela]  I love Wiziq
nina [] 1  Hello Everyone!
Maria Colussa [Santo Tome, Argentina) Hi Nina!

Rubena St. Louis [Caracas) Hi Nina
Evelyn Izquierdo [Caracas, Venezuela]  Hi Nina!
Nellie Deutsch [] Yes, I do, Susan. I have been using WizIQ since 2007 for that reason.
teresadeca (portugal) hi, nina!
Shelly Sanchez Terrell [San Antonio, TX]  We could publish on your EVO main page
Nellie Deutsch []  I will be conducting a demo for EVO on November 10 at this time.
Shelly Sanchez Terrell [San Antonio, TX]   Then when you click it should open in the App
Mbarek Akaddar [Morocco] 2  Hi Nina :) you managed to make it !!! Welcome
Nellie Deutsch []  is there an apps for collaborate?
nina [] 1  It wasn't easy to get here.
Nellie Deutsch [  Elizabeth, I join all of my Macs.
Shelly Sanchez Terrell [San Antonio, TX]  Nellie- A demo about WizIQ?
Jim Buckingham [Abu Dhabi ]   ANy experience using breakout rooms?
Evelyn Izquierdo [Caracas, Venezuela]  Nellie. I'm facing some trouble to use the widow app with phone. It doesn't work for me
Shelly Sanchez Terrell [San Antonio, TX]  That is true
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA] you CAN highlight and then copy/cut/paste on an iPad, I believe (don't have an iPad) but I've done it
Shelly Sanchez Terrell [San Antonio, TX] Neither is Youtube
Silvia Montimurro [Argentina] 2not yet
Shelly Sanchez Terrell [San Antonio, TX]  or Whiteboard
Nellie Deutsch []  You can connect all your devices.
Silvia Montimurro [Argentina] 2(y)
David Weksler [Tenafly, NJ, USA]  duct tape works the best for me
Susan Hillyard [Buenos Aires, Argentina] 1  Thanks Nellie......I use Wiz once a month but often have probs with sound.
Elizabeth HS [Sacrmento]   Sounds good
Ali Fuad Selvi [Guzelyurt/Morphou,Cyprus] Since each EVO session may necessitate their own specific technical infrastructure/needs, can we have/organize EVO-specific tech run with the mentors?? What do you guys think??
Jim Buckingham [Abu Dhabi ] great to know
Dan Bassill [Chicago]  Thanks for sharing today and via email. Got to go now.
Evelyn Izquierdo [Caracas, Venezuela]  Good idea Ali
Elizabeth HS [Sacrmento]  Yes, Ali - do ask your mentor and use Webheads room anytime.
- Dan Bassill [Chicago] salió de la Sala Principal. ( 9:23 ) -
Elizabeth (ElizA) [Grenoble] yep
Silvia Montimurro [Argentina] 2(y)
Nellie Deutsch []  Yes, Shelly, a demo on how to use WizIQ on Nov 10: http://www.wiziq.com/online-class/1457075-orientation-to-wiziq-education-online
Ali Fuad Selvi [Guzelyurt/Morphou,Cyprus]  Thanx! Will touch base w/ Aiden.
Elizabeth (ElizA) [Grenoble) Cheers Dan
Shelly Sanchez Terrell [San Antonio, TX]  Yes like me :-)
Silvia Montimurro [Argentina] 2  true
Shelly Sanchez Terrell [San Antonio, TX]  I listen while I work
Susan Hillyard [Buenos Aires, Argentina] 1  How do we book a room in Bb?
Nellie Deutsch []  I love listening to music and Youtube stuff as I work, too.
Vance Stevens [Al Ain UAE]
Evelyn Izquierdo [Caracas, Venezuela]  The web tour is not supported by my phone. :(
Elizabeth HS [Sacrmento] You can also use this room for practice - just be sure to check the booking schedule.
Vance Stevens [Al Ain UAE]
Maizie Avihayil [Israel] 2  me too! I have made many plylists!
Jim Buckingham [Abu Dhabi ]  Must be off.. Many thanks for allowing us a chance to "kick the tires" so to speak
Evelyn Izquierdo [Caracas, Venezuela] My laptop died. I'm in trouble.@.@
Nellie Deutsch [] You can also get your own room for free on BB collaborate to practice and invite about 3 people if you wish.
Elizabeth (ElizA) [Grenoble]  Yep - I'm gonna have to go - soon
Nellie Deutsch []  Bye Elizabeth Ann
Elizabeth HS [Sacrmento]  @Vance can we put this info in our Training wiki. Or is it there already?
Vance Stevens [Al Ain UAE]
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3  can we allow others to introduce themselves and which sessions they're in?
teresadeca (portugal) []
need to go now. bye everyone! happy EVOing :-)
teresadeca (portugal) []
bye vance
Nellie Deutsch []Bye, Teresa
Elizabeth (ElizA) [Grenoble]  without having heard Claire - dana - and all you others
Dennis Oliver [Phoenix, AZ] Take care, Teresa, Até logo!
Claire Bradin Siskin [Chandigarh]  bye tere
Mbarek Akaddar [Morocco]   Bye Bye Teresa :)
Rubena St. Louis [Caracas]  bye teresa
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]  Nellie -- I can't hear you
Silvia Montimurro [Argentina] 2  Bye, Teresa
nina [] 1  bbye Teresa
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]  Now OK
Silvia Montimurro [Argentina] 2
Evelyn Izquierdo [Caracas, Venezuela]  Y
Mbarek Akaddar [Morocco] 2
RT can we allow others to introduce themselves and which sessions they're in?
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]  Talk button lets several people be on at once.
Dennis Oliver [Phoenix, AZ]
Unforrtunately, I have to leave, too. It's been good to re-connect! Best regards to all.
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]  Bye Dennis! See you online.
Dennis Oliver [Phoenix, AZ] Thanks.
Vance Stevens [Al Ain UAE]
Reserve this room / check schedule here:http://my.calendars.net/eslhome_conferen
Silvia Montimurro [Argentina] 2  yep
Mbarek Akaddar [Morocco] 2  Bye Dennis :) Take care
Silvia Montimurro [Argentina] 2  yep, c ya
Dennis Oliver [Phoenix, AZ]  Thanks, Mbarek.
Joe Dale [Isle of Wight]  bandwith
Nellie Deutsch []  No ever uses the webcam
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento] Yes - but that's why we don't use it often.
Ali Fuad Selvi [Guzelyurt/Morphou,Cyprus]  My internet connection seems terrible today. Sorry!
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento] It does kind of interfere.
Vance Stevens [Al Ain UAE]
Reserve this room / check schedule here:http://my.calendars.net/eslhome_conferen
Jens Olsen [Denmark]
Silvia Montimurro [Argentina] 2
wow!! Great!
Dennis Oliver [Phoenix, AZ]
Nellie Deutsch []
Bye, Dennis
Ali Fuad Selvi [Guzelyurt/Morphou,Cyprus]
Woooonderful, Elizabeth!
Thanx!! :)
Silvia Montimurro [Argentina] 2
(y)Like the idea!!!
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]
Go for it, Ali!
Nellie Deutsch []
I'm gving a demo on how to use WizIQ on Nov 10: http://www.wiziq.com/online-class/1457075-orientation-to-wiziq-education-online
Jens Olsen [Denmark]
wow.....like that hangout on air!!
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3
must be early for you ELizabeth
Doris Molero [Maracaibo]
besitos Eli!!!!
Nellie Deutsch []
It was wonderful to finally meet your Elizabeth f2f
Silvia Montimurro [Argentina] 2;)
Nellie Deutsch []
you not your :(
Doris Molero [Maracaibo]
the wave for Eli, too!!!
Nellie Deutsch []
Doris, can we talk on gchat after?
Evelyn Izquierdo [Caracas, Venezuela]
I need to leave. It was great to see you all.
Nellie Deutsch []
Bye, Eve.
Ali Fuad Selvi [Guzelyurt/Morphou,Cyprus]
Thank you EVO Team! This was quite helpful.
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]Thanks for coming Eve!
Rubena St. Louis [Caracas]
I've got to go. Great to ave been here.
Mbarek Akaddar [Morocco] 2
Thank you Vance and all for this interesting session , bye everyone :) au revoir :)
Doris Molero [Maracaibo]
Yep.. I am in secondlife.. setting the party
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]  Hangout doesn't hold as many people?
Ali Fuad Selvi [Guzelyurt/Morphou,Cyprus]  Much appreciated! :)
dana poklepovic [Buenos Aires]  thanks i'll do it
Doris Molero [Maracaibo] want to pick?
Evelyn Izquierdo [Caracas, Venezuela]
Have a great day. Bye
Nellie Deutsch []
I will be explaining on Nov 10 : http://www.wiziq.com/online-class/1457075-orientation-to-wiziq-education-online
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]
Nellie -- does Moodle have chat with video?
Shelly Sanchez Terrell [usa]
bye everyone! Sorry I got knocked out
Nellie Deutsch []
so Vance is the last to go
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]  Nice -- we can see Wiziq, too
Nellie Deutsch []
Bye Shelly
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3
it's 11:11 in shanghai
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]
Bye Shelly!
Nellie Deutsch []
Yup, Nina asked me to do a demo
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]
Vance Stevens [Al Ain UAE]
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3
will be leaving soon
Nellie Deutsch []
Nice to see you, Vance
Elizabeth (ElizA) [Grenoble]
Wow - up late aiden - bye Shelly thx 4 coming grt 2 cu
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3
nice to see you here Ali and bedrettin
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]
You have to remember the date to find the recording.
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3
my mic isn't working,
Maria Colussa [Santo Tome, Argentina]
Lunch is ready see you soon, it was nice being here today!
Doris Molero [Maracaibo]
Webheads Rock!
Nellie Deutsch []
The webcams are so tiny, unlike the hangout
Maria Colussa [Santo Tome, Argentina]
Bye all!
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]
Aiden -- invest in a mike!
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3
connection here in shanghai has been intermittent
Ali Fuad Selvi [Guzelyurt/Morphou,Cyprus]
Thanx a bunch! It was great. Bye everyone...
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]
@Nellie, but it may save on bandwidth, too
dana poklepovic [Buenos Aires]  bye! thanks , hope next time i have a better connection
Vance Stevens [Al Ain UAE]
the speaker's cam is big, isn't it?
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento] Bye Dana!
Bedrettin Yazan [College Park, Maryland] 1
Thanks so much for this wonderful online session
Nellie Deutsch []
Yes, but Collaborate and WizIQ equalize things to make up for that
Ali Fuad Selvi [Guzelyurt/Morphou,Cyprus]
I will follow up w/ Aiden for another team-specific session.
Bedrettin Yazan [College Park, Maryland] 1
it'll help us a lot to moderate our NNEST session
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]
Great Ali -- see you online!
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3
i think it'll be best to use elluninate for presentations and google hangout for small group chats
Bedrettin Yazan [College Park, Maryland] 1
big thanks to you Elizabeth
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3
learning times?
Nellie Deutsch []
learning times
Susan Hillyard [Buenos Aires, Argentina] 1
Yes Thanks to you all too!
Nellie Deutsch []
teaching is learning :)
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]
Thanks, Vance & ElizA
Nellie Deutsch []
it should be fun in the hangout next week
I love it
Nice, Doris
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]
I like the tiny video for non-speakers. I got out because I thought it might interfere with bandwidth
Elizabeth (ElizA) [Grenoble]
That's coming up real slow
Claire Bradin Siskin [Chandigarh]
yes very lsow
Nellie Deutsch []
Claire Bradin Siskin [Chandigarh]
Elizabeth (ElizA) [Grenoble]
Nellie Deutsch []
yes, we hear you, Jens
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]
Yeah! Put the URL here in the chat someone.
Silvia Montimurro [Argentina] 2
Nellie Deutsch []
I lost my two IDs in SL
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]
Very heavy use of bandwidth for SL
Claire Bradin Siskin [Chandigarh]
for me here in Chandigarh, the audio works much better in Elluminate than it does in Google Hangout
Nellie Deutsch []
Prezy is great for F2F screens
Silvia Montimurro [Argentina] 2
Elizabeth (ElizA) [Grenoble
That's intteresting Claire
Susan Hillyard [Buenos Aires, Argentina] 1
OK I am going to see the newborn and his Mum!!!! Thanks to all of you. Byeeeeeeeee!!!!
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]
Hey, Claire -- hope you are finding India as fascinating as I did. It's a place of wonder.
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3
im signing off now
Nellie Deutsch []
Macs also have issues with google hangouts
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]
Bye Susan -- see you in Sausalito!
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3
connection here in shanghai is pretty slow
somefolks have already
Nellie Deutsch []
no Shelly had to go
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]
Maybe stop the screen cast
aidenyeh [Shanghai] 1 #3
did they say their intros in the text chat?
i hope so
Nellie Deutsch []
technology is still behind us
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]
How does ElizA do it?
Yes, Doris -- seeing them.
Doris Molero [Maracaibo]
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]
Doris Molero [Maracaibo]
ok I will stop now
Elizabeth (ElizA) [Grenoble]
Sorry - Elizabeth - I missed the question - can't find it
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]
How did you freeze frame in the presenter window?
Jens Olsen [Denmark]
Sunday 27th02:00 pm Venezuelan time.11:30 SLTJ
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]
Or was that just a glitch?
Jens use GMT?
How did ElizA freeze frame?
Yes -- there it was again for a moment
You are too soft, EA
Elizabeth (ElizA) [Grenoble]
Yes - I'm getting stressed - Grandchildren calling ........ sorry - will have to fall out
GREAT to see eve"ryone
Doris Molero [Maracaibo]
Maizie Avihayil [Israel] 2
What a good idea Vance
Doris Molero [Maracaibo]
that happens..
- Elizabeth (ElizA) [Grenoble] salió de la Sala Principal. ( 9:24 ) -
Silvia Montimurro [Argentina] 2
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]
That' s a nice feature, Vance.
Joe -- absolutely -- use what you like.
Silvia Montimurro [Argentina] 2
Nellie Deutsch []
I'm off. Thank you, everyone.
Doris Molero [Maracaibo]
if you have an avatar and have some free time.. please come and say hello.. Where http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/EduNation/42/225/31Sunday 27th02:00 pm Venezuelan time.11:30 SLTJoin us for spooky fun.. !!* Eugenia Calderon from the Instituto Español in SL will be telling us about "Dia de los Muertos"* Halloween posters ..come vote for the best poster!!* Thriller dance... with our own DJ!!! DJ Chobox!!!* Get spooky fun freebies and enjoy talking or dancing with avatars from the world.Hope to see you all...Pionia Destiny
Nellie Deutsch []
Doris, can we talk?
Silvia Montimurro [Argentina] 2
We`re on holiday here in the southern hemis
so we can cooperate
Vance Stevens [Al Ain UAE]
that's exactly right joe exactly wht you said
- Nellie Deutsch [] salió de la Sala Principal. ( 9:24 ) -
Vance Stevens [Al Ain UAE]
you set the time as you can
Silvia Montimurro [Argentina] 2
Vance Stevens [Al Ain UAE]
negotiate it with your session partners
Silvia Montimurro [Argentina] 2
Vance Stevens [Al Ain UAE]
all sessions are different
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]
Podcasting was about the audio.
- Ayat Tawel [Egypt] se incorporó a la Sala Principal. ( 9:24 ) -
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]
Hi Ayat -- we are about finished with the session.
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]
Sorry for being so late .. but at least caught up with you atthe last moment !! Just arrived from work !! :)
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]
You are getting the tail end, but happy you made it!
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]
Yea ... unfortunately dear Elizabeth
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]
@Joe - Carla will be very helpful, too.
Glad to have you here, Joe!
Joe Dale [Isle of Wight]
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]
I need to go also -- thanks so much, Vance! Great Session!
Doris Molero [Maracaibo]
besitos, everyone. Great session
Joe Dale [Isle of Wight]
I'm going to go now too. Thanks for your advice!
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]
How do we get the applause button to work??
- Joe Dale [Isle of Wight] salió de la Sala Principal. ( 9:24 ) -
Daniela Cuccurullo [Naples]
thank you for the meeting bye bye
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]
Bye, Daniela
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]
Yeah !! :)
Silvia Montimurro [Argentina] 2
Daniela Cuccurullo [Naples]
Silvia Montimurro [Argentina] 2
Been really useful to me:-)
Jens Olsen [Denmark]
Bye!! :)
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]
Ayat -- you can see the recording eventually.
Maizie Avihayil [Israel] 2
Bye Everyone thank you very much Vance!
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]
Thanks for coming, Jens!
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]
Yeah, sure I will Elizabeth !!
Silvia Montimurro [Argentina] 2
Clap, clap, clap, Vance
Claire Bradin Siskin [Chandigarh]
ok good night all!
Vance Stevens [Al Ain UAE]
Maizie Avihayil [Israel] 2
Hopefully I will be able to join you in the future Vance! I miss TI
- Claire Bradin Siskin [Chandigarh] salió de la Sala Principal. ( 9:24 ) -
Maizie Avihayil [Israel] 2
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith [Sacramento]
Ciao all!



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