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Chat 2 Summary                                                                                          Week 2 general summary

November 3, 2014


Hangout + Etherpad > YouTube


Cat Herder: Vance Stevens





Vance's summary

I don't know if you had a look at this page http://learning2gether.net/2013/11/03/learning2gether-with-evo-moderator-training-week-2-hangout-on-air/ before or after I put in the Etherpad chat logs yesterday, but we actually had 4 chats going, each of a very different character:
1. The text chat in the HoA itself, which we have no record of (it doesn't come out on the recording and would have to be harvested thru copy / paste before the HoA is closed (correct me if I'm wrong)
2. The Google chat which I've made screen shots of at the above link
and two distinct chats taking place in Etherpad
3. The chat down the right hand sidebar, copy pasted to the blog post
4. and finally, one of the most interesting, the texts pasted in the display area of the Etherpad space. These tended to be more reflective.

I learned a lot in this event about sensemaking in chaotic environments, as i fully believe online spaces should be.  We are in random access mode here.  There was so much going on.  If this were run as a seminar in Elluminate by a set of presenters who wanted to suppress chaos by organizing a thoroughly professional event, where the experts could be uninterrupted by the clearly distinct audience (as many such sessions are run) then it would be a totally different experience.

We are getting a lot of questions here which come down to exactly that, what kind of experience are you looking to facilitate, and how much control are you willing to relinquish, in which case you are going to tend toward entropy.  To answer this question (for yourself, I've already got an answer for me I am comfortable with) you need to experience the different environments and measure the affordances vs what you perceive you might lose as you no longer direct the learning environment.  Some participants want your direction, others want to learn on their own, no one size fits all.





Comments (1)

ElizabethHS said

at 10:21 pm on Nov 6, 2013

@Vance -- Good call -- one of the things EVO is known for is that there is no one specific kind of session. We embrace a big range, from 2-3 times a week live chat, and almost no email, to daily postings and special events only -- and that's just a few of the possibilities!

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