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Although it is possible to create a Google+ account without possessing a gmail address, (following the instructions after clicking "+you" on the Google search page)  the stories I've heard of people doing that bring me to ....

Tip N°1: create yourself a gmail !

Then, like any discussion group, the essential thing is to set your notifications to suit your use.

Experienced users recommend switching off email alerts and using the "bell" in the top RH corner of ALL Google pages (including Google search when you are signed in to your G+ account) to pick up the notifications there.


See this document "Using G+notifications and stopping emails"


If you are using a mobile device, you need the red G+ app.

There are several good help sites



And a 3 min video made just for you

Setting up a Google+ Community



Setting up Video 2.

Creating categories and the description of your new G+C ommunity

This was made last year - ignore the bits about replying from gmail (see above :)

Also note that, at any time, you can delete or edit a comment YOU add to the G+C, but only moderators can delete comments made by other people.


changing the category of a post

Of course people are going to put their post in the wrong category, but the moderators of the G+C can change the category of a post.

See here how to do that


Planning a synchronous event.

G+C is great for planning a synchronous event. Click on the category "Event" and follow the instructions. You can announce any kind of event in any space anywhere (I used to put the room number for my students !)

Put the time it will be for you in your own country and everyone will receive notification of the event with the corresponding time where they are! (we still like to put the GMT somewhere in the announcement, just to be really sure LOL)

See Creating an Event in Google+Community on the Chat tools page


Hashtags in G+C

(click on the title above)

Hangouts in G+C and gmail

(click on the title above)

How to Unsend an Email in Gmail


One last really neat feature of gmail, if you are getting invested in Google+, is that you can unsend a gmail message. See directions at the Digital Learning Series blog.



But remember, the feature only works for 5-30 seconds. Then you're toast.





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